Allenby Bridge (King Hussein Bridge)

The Allenby Border Terminal is the southern border crossing on the Jordan River. The terminal is situated 5km east of Jericho, approximately 273m below sea level, and is located in the broadest area in the Jordan Valley – about 32 km in width. At 54 minutes drive from Amman, this terminal is the shortest way to travel between the central cities of Israel and Amman itself. Recently, the Committee for Names has decided to change the terminal’s name to “King Hussein Bridge Terminal”.

The terminal is used for crossing the border between Israel and Jordan and between the Palestinian Authority and Jordan, and also as a customs checkpoint in the transport of goods between Israel, the Palestinian Authority and Jordan.

The Allenby Border Terminal is reserved for Palestinians and tourists only; Israeli citizens are prohibited from crossing the border here. Indeed, the terminal is used mainly by the Palestinian population from the West Bank, and throughout the years it has operated in tight cooperation between Israel, the Palestinian Authority and Jordan.

The Allenby Border Terminal is one of the five land passageways between Israel and its neighboring countries to the east and southeast of the Jordan River. It was established during WWI as a passage for British armed forces from the east bank to the west bank and inversely. The structure was originally built as a simple wooden bridge, and over the years it has become one of the three major bridges connecting the two banks.

1946 – Night of the Bridges. The original bridge was destroyed by bombs and in its place Bailey Bridge was erected and used until the Six Day War, during which the bridge was again destroyed. Following this war, with the Open Door Policy implemented by the Israeli Civil Administration and the West Bank authorities, the bridge was rebuilt and enabled massive movement of Arab citizens from both sides of the river.

1994 – Oslo I Accord. During these landmark negotiations, an agreement was signed with Jordan, and the Israel Airports Authority received responsibility for the operation of the terminal.

According to Israel Airports Authority regulations “Fees at Border Terminals” (1994), each departing traveler is required to pay a passage fee. The rates in NIS are updated once a year (January 1st), and linked to the consumer price index (CPI). Click here to check the updated price.


Fees may be paid through:

Any postal bank branch in Israel, with no extra charge*.
Any financial operator at the border terminals, with a counter fee of NIS 5.
The Milgam Ltd. Website, by credit card. The fee can be paid at the computer stand. In order to pay the fee you must use your credit card. There is no additional charge for this service.

* Payment through the postal bank is in cash or bank draft only. The voucher is issued at the bank at the time of payment. The voucher is limited to 100 travelers only. It is possible to issue “multi-receipts”, which means that a single cashier’s check is split into several payments, according to the limitation described above of up to 100 fees on a single voucher and, consequently, into several vouchers.


Travelers Exempted from Paying Passage Fee:

Travelers holding a diplomatic passport or a passport with a diplomatic visa, or a certificate confirming that he/she is one of the following:

A UN employee serving in UNTSO.
A member of the Multinational Forces.
A member of the International Red Cross.
An official of the UNRWA, included in the list approved for this purpose by the Ministry of
Foreign Affairs.

An infant under the age of two.
Public transport bus crew – bus driver and attendant.
A driver of a commercial vehicle departing Israel in a commercial vehicle, as part of his/her job of transporting cargo to or from Israel.
Any person participating in a search and rescue mission, providing medical assistance to injured people, or in any other humanitarian activity.
A member of a government delegation, passing in order to carry out negotiation activities between Israel and Jordan, and appearing on a list approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Destinations Private Shared
Ben Gurion Airport $240
Akko $350
Banias $350
Bethlehem $130
Beit She'an/ Bisan $200
Caesarea Maritima $350
Dead Sea Northern Part $80
Ein Bokek / Ein Gedi $200
Haifa $260
Hebron $180
Jaffa $210
Jericho $80
Jerusalem $120
Nablus $240
Nazareth $240
Ramallah $150
Sebastia $240
Tel Aviv City $240
Tiberias $240
Eilat $460
Caesarea Maritima $310
Eilat $480
Sebastia $220